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There are several different types of intelligence in the world, including emotional intelligence, which is vital for sustaining a happy, healthy relationship with another person. According to McRitchie, people with low emotional intelligence might be more inclined to cheating. Passion is a major motivator when it comes to making long term relationships last, and couples that lose the heat can feel the burn. Of course, there's never a good excuse for cheating, but some people might consider the lack of sparks a major cheating motivator.

This can happen to any relationship regardless of how long the people have been together. Ah, boredom in the 21st Century, something that doesn't seem possible, and yet here we are: Boredom is also common reason people cheat in a relationship, according to McRitchie. Chalk it up to genuine bad manners and utter disregard for another person's feelings someone like this would have a low EI , cheating on someone out of boredom is a sad reality for many people.

There are also those who crave the high of getting caught — the illicit act of cheating is like a drug — and can sometimes be used as a way of coping much in the way drugs are used. In times of stress, this person might reach for the next available sexual partner rather than turn to his or her partner for support. Of course, this goes back to requiring an open line of communication between partners to express dissatisfaction. They need to know that are still exciting, desirable, alive.

The act of infidelity can be what re-connects them to the person they used to be before they became invisible. This probably isn't the reason you want to hear, but some people cheat on their partners because they want to escape the relationship and don't know how to tell the other person. If they could use their words instead of their genitalia, everyone would walk away from the relationship a little less hurt. Rather than admit that they are no longer in love with their partner they turn to another and they don't cover their tracks very well, they want to be caught — they want out but lack the bravery and emotional intelligence to put this into words.

Sometimes it's a person's own lack of self confidence and self worth that can lead them down a path of infidelity. Despite attempts to remain faithful, people who cheat due to a lack of confidence often do it again and again. In many cases, this person is often labelled a serial cheater — someone who can't commit — but who might do a very good job of convincing people that they can be trusted and they do want the commitment they seek.

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This person is usually want love Cheating for this person helps them cope with insecurities that can be crippling. Marilyn La Jeunesse. Snapchat icon A ghost. Communication can be a trigger. People can cheat out of malice. Loneliness can be destructive. But for me - 10 further years of crap relationships in which I was often disrespected, not accepted for who I was and overall unhappy. But in that time I was also fortunate enough to observe karma come to haunt some people who upset me.

One Italian stallion - we've only gone for a couple of proper dates but been friendly for a while and he's been saying he's told his father about me etc etc. One evening I started talking to him about it on Facebook to which he suddenly got all pissed off and said I was inflating things in my head and delusional. I deleted him off my FB, cried a little bit for a day but largely carried on with life as normal. Two years after he starts chatting with a mutual friend and tells her I was the most attractive and nice girl he has ever met.

I add him back on Facebook and we start chatting. He comes all the way from a different town to meet me. I don't show up - not on purpose, wanted to go initially but then got discouraged by bad weather and a general low mood. It was a bit mean but bloody satisfying. But no sadly no karma for my "offenders" in any more significant way. There was one in my town a few years back. A guy was planning on leaving his wife for the OW. The OW left her husband a few weeks before and had sold the house etc.

All of a sudden, the man dropped dead heart attack, he was early 50s , leaving a pool of drama and unfinished business around! The OW is still single, last I heard. Some years ago my EA ExP left me for a stripper he'd met. They moved in together, it lasted less than 6 months and ended when she stole 4K from him and emptied their flat of anything worth having. The pitiful, lying scumbag tried everything he could to get back with me but by then I'd seen the light and was happily single. My kids mum's life has been an absolute train wreck since we split, and mine has gotten a lot better Dunno about karma, but certainly I'm not remotely sorry that I left her cheating ass.

I don't know about that. It's not that typical for a husband to continue being the OM, while his OW stays with her husband One BW feels karma was the OW becoming crippled with cancer.

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In some ways, I feel if a cheating Ex is now blissfully happy, maybe that's the best thing for them. It does make me laugh, when I hear FOWs former other women , now with the WH, getting suspicious that he's cheating on her or staying too long with his Ex during drop offs and pick ups. More than karma, I think living a great life without your cheating Ex is way better.

A few things. A cheating scandal when ow was newly pregnant was the most dramatic. They're still together but she always seems harassed and stressed out. There's always a crisis. A family member recently came from their house to ours and commented on how much more relaxed our place is.

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I think I seem quite confident and organised and always make sure I'm super friendly to her which I think really freaks her out. Yeah, my mate's husband. He was a controlling weirdo when they were together It was the excuse my mate needed to finally get rid and she made her getaway. He tried to make life very difficult for her with access, tried for custody at one point and it was all very nasty, but my friend stayed strong and went on to meet a lovely bloke who she is still with.

Fast forward years later, kids all grown up - her ex. No note, no nothing.

You’re Being Cheated on to Pay a Karmic Debt, According to a Psychic Matchmaker

He's now a miserable old fart living on his own, looks terrible, his sons rarely go to see him. Meanwhile my mate is happy as Larry with her adoring hubby! Partner of nearly 30 years left to be with OW Dysfunctional, sociopathic child. He left a complete carcrash. Both dependents struggled. OW wanted fairytale, not a man in mid life crisis him 52, her Unsurprisingly she got bored. Karma came around big time. He now deeply regrets his actions, and is very, very lonely.

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